We require each of our organizations to have a credit or debit card on file (Admin > Settings > Financial) for our monthly billing process.

During our monthly billing process, organizations with a negative balance have their cards billed, which zeroes out their balance. Organizations with a positive balance (also known as a credit) are not billed. 

The following could cause a negative balance, and thus, a monthly charge:

  1. A user is manually registered by an administrator and marked as not paid. In this case, this is considered an unpaid cart and the base service fee for this amount is subtracted from the organization's balance.
  2. A payment is made by any payment method other than card (e.g. cash, check, or bank transfer).
  3. A user disputes a credit card transaction with their bank, and we lose the dispute. We do our best to fight the dispute on your behalf, but if we lose, we charge the dispute amount to your balance.
  4. Fixed charges, like additional design fees, SSL certificate fees, or Premium fees.

If you have a question about your balance and/or one of your monthly charges and need more explanation, don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team and we can help explain.