Self-checkout reservations at your facility or field complex is very simple with our venue reservations setup. 

The first step is to ensure that 'Facilities' have been enabled for your site.  If you don't see "Facilities" as an option on the global Admin settings panel, or if you have any questions, contact 

Creating Reservable Venues

1) Ensure that you have created your fields and subfields in the system.  Navigate to to see your current list of fields/facilities.  Within any of these fields, you'll see the option to Edit Subfields. Note that you'll want to create your Field Atoms first, and then create your Subfields from there (Subfields are comprised of Field Atoms).  It is the subfields that we will be making available for customers to reserve/rent/purchase. 

2) To make your subfield(s) reservable, we need to create a product.  Navigate to Admin > Commerce > Products and select +Add.  From here, select Category > facility rental. Name the product that is being made reservable, and select the subfield (which we created previously) that this reservation will be set on. 

3) Click 'Next' to set Pricing and Availability settings. From here, you'll want to click on Create New Pricing Rule.  You will want to select 'Available', and then create pricing rules that apply to the day(s) of the week.  For example, you could select all of the Weekdays, select the pricing, interval, start/end times, and start/end dates for which the rules apply.  You could then do the same for Weekends (or further subdivide the rules per day).  Apply as many rules as desired.  (Note that leaving the dates blank will assume the pricing rules apply to all dates). 

4) Select the Rental Start Time Restriction that applies for your facility.  Reservations can be made to be possible every 15 minutes, on the half-hour, or on the hour.  You will also likely want to toggle the setting for Show on Reservable Venues Pages.

5) Toggle any remaining settings, and Save the facility rental product.

Present Reservations for Purchase

The best way to present a list of reservable venues is to create a new page with type 'Reservable Venues'.  

You can further decide to restrict this to only show Reservable Venues with a certain 'tag'.

Managing Your Reservations

Navigate back to Admin > Facilities and select your Location + Date to view all of the reservations made for that day at the facility.  Example: